Video Surveillance

Modern digital cameras have not only made the video surveillance much cheaper, but also significantly improved the quality of the recordings.

Parking Lot Management

The professional parking management for large parking lots of shopping centers, hotels or other places with high traffic demands careful planning and comprehensive care.

Revier Security Guard

Not in my territory! says the sheriff, meaning that even his presence is a deterrent.

Security Analysis

In order to be able to give you serious advice for a security concept, we always conduct a safety analysis at the beginning.


Your presence at a trade fair is an important marketing event with the aim of promoting your goods and services as well as your brand.


However, the efficient use of drone systems within the framework of the legal conditions places special demands on the executing company ...

Fire Alarm Systems

Hardly anything is as devastating as fire. Whether at work or at home - every year fire alarm systems save lives.

Alarm Management Systems

Nothing bothers you more than false alarms - because at some point you do not take them seriously anymore.