Valet Parking

For this service to work smoothly, two things are crucial: reliability and professionalism.

Parking Lot Management

The professional parking management for large parking lots of shopping centers, hotels or other places with high traffic demands careful planning and comprehensive care.

Personal and Escort Protection

Because of one’s occupation, private activity, social position or denomination special danger potentials can result for a protected person. All possible dangers must be analysed, evaluated and warded off.

Post and Telephone Services

Modern companies no longer need a comprehensive infrastructure of their own.

Security Analysis

In order to be able to give you serious advice for a security concept, we always conduct a safety analysis at the beginning.

Hotel Security

»Was O.K. ...«, such a rating would be a great disappointment for one of our teams working for a top hotel!

Reception Services

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!

Safety Technology (Man Power)

A successful and up-​to-​date security services must be able to rely on professional technical support!

Detective Service

Everyone liked to play detective as a kid. Unfortunately, the need for detective services in the security industry is not child's play at all.