Burglars do not have it easy these days, at least not when high-quality burglar alarm systems are installed.

Sensors for broken glass, door and window openings, motion detectors, video and much more make life difficult for criminals. But it is not enough to cover everything with sensors. Rather, intelligent alarm technology is a basic requirement for reliable protection of land, soil and inventory. False alarms should be avoided if possible, but real alarm messages should not be received too late. Modern technology ensures that you enjoy all-round protection that was previously unthinkable.

In addition to intelligent technology, reliable and experienced specialists are indispensable in our opinion in order to use burglar alarm systems effectively. The employees of our partner companies react just right in the case of an emergency. However, even the presence of good burglar alarm systems alone acts as a deterrent to potential perpetrators. Invest in safety before something happens.

Use of intrusion systems

  • Alarm tracking and control
  • Understanding of police, fire brigade
  • Understanding of various contact persons
  • Property security until the arrival of the police or contact person

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