Hardly anything is as devastating as fire. Whether at work or at home - every year fire alarm systems save lives.

Of course, fire detection systems do not prevent fire, but the early detection and reporting of a fire can make the difference between an annoying incident and a devastating fire. An early alerting means enough time for evacuation and firefighting.

When fire detection systems go off, a quick reaction is required. That is why we offer you not only the professional installation of the fire alarm systems, but also the continued maintenance. If desired, then we also monitoring the alarms in our control centre. Fast and determined action has saved more than one life and a lot of valuable inventory.

Our specialized personnel is especially trained

to respond to fire and can initiate the necessary measures at an early stage. Investing in reliable fire alarm systems always pays off.

Our approach to fire protection:

  • Connection to the VdS-approved emergency call and service centre
  • Immediate response in case of emergency
  • Design, installation, maintenance and service of the systems
  • Manufacturer independent individual system advice

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