Always keep track and observe an event or object from the air - and at a manageable cost? Surveillance drones offer this possibility.

We would like to answer the often asked question "security guard OR drone": a modern alarm system never replaces the security personnel; rather their "sensors" enhance safety, while the drone supports the Deescalation security staff as a "flying eye". Therefore, the use of a drone can only ever be an integral part of a comprehensive security concept.

Drone use for work safety

Another drone application is the support in inspection and control of technical equipment, such as Inspection flights on industrial sites (roofs, chimneys or turbines), pipe leak inspection or thermographic status checks.

Drone defence

amazon and DHL are testing the parcel delivery via drone, and the inspection of industrial equipment improves occupational safety. Are drones therefore only to be evaluated positively in terms of safety? Unfortunately, no! Drones are ideal tools for industrial spies and saboteurs.

Other security technology

  • Fast assessment of the situation, even in inaccessible places
  • Detailed evaluation of measurement, image and video data
  • Effective coordination of security personnel
  • Detection and localisation of invading drones
  • Integration of defence measures into existing security systems
  • Preservation of evidence for a later prosecution

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