Nothing bothers you more than false alarms - because at some point you do not take them seriously anymore.

However when alarm systems are installed, alarm messages inevitably occur. Whether false alarm or serious alarm case - the distinction is important. The larger a company, the more frequently the alarm messages appear. From access control and fire alarm systems to the reporting of burglaries or other incidents, modern surveillance technology offers a multitude of sensors and options.

Keeping an overview and correctly classifying the alarm messages is the purpose of modern alarm management systems. The evaluation of alarm messages and the correct reaction to them is only possible through comprehensive, reliable information. Like the captain on the ship's bridge, with our alarm management systems you are always up to date and able to make your decisions.

You do not want to do that yourself?

No problem - our service includes the supervision of the alarm management systems and, in addition to modern technology, we rely on qualified specialist personnel who initiate the necessary measures for you on our behalf.

Use of alarm management systems

  • Access control
  • Visitor Management
  • Identification Systems
  • Video surveillance
  • Area monitoring and management
  • Burglar and fire alarm systems

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