We protect your values! The transport of security-related assets or business-critical data requires professional planning and implementation.

In the run-up to the transport, we prepare a risk analysis and develop an individual action plan for your transport escort protection in close cooperation with you. For the escort of special forwarding or transport of valuables, we determine suitable routes and weigh up possible risks.

We do not let your goods out of sight during transport:

  • We secure
  • We escort
  • We guard
  • We control

so that your cargo arrives safely. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS monitoring devices, which are connected to a 24-hour control center. This ensures that our clients always know where your transport is. Upon request, we will provide you with access, so that you can track online via Internet where the transport is located.

More and more the escort of truck transport is becoming a hot topic. The theft of complete loaded semitrailers, cargo-napping, the pretending of transports with the aim to steal the cargo, or the often unnoticed theft of goods increases constantly and the criminals are becoming ever more skilful.

The perpetrators are becoming increasingly creative, organized, flexible and technically highly skilled.

On the other hand, we believe in the complete monitoring of the transport chain, its securing and corresponding documentation.

Our services for the Transport Security

  • Begleitfahrten
  • Fahrzeugbewachung (ruhend)
  • Plombensicherung
  • Fahrzeugüberwachung (verdeckt/zivil)

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