"Not in my territory!" says the sheriff, meaning that even his presence is a deterrent.

The bad boys know that he cannot be everywhere at the same time, but they never know where he's watching. The situation is similar with the patrol service. Not all objects require round-the-clock surveillance, but rather random checks at times that are unpredictable for "the other side".

Our patrol service is always useful when several objects are to be checked regularly, which are spatially separated from each other. If our employees notice irregularities, depending on the incident they trigger an alarm or inform the responsible contact person at the client.

What we do

We offer the patrol service in cooperation with an experienced partner company in order to enable you a flexible, favorable and effective monitoring of your objects. Of course, all the inspection steps and events are logged and traceable to the point.

Patrol service - because control is better!

Our services for the patrol service

  • Exterior control
  • Connection of intruder alarm system
  • Closure of doors and windows
  • Control of danger spots
  • Regular control of the enclosure
  • Inventory Control

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