For people who are at greater risk than others, we offer personal and escort protection through our preventive and operational hazard prevention experts.

What we do

At the beginning of our cooperation we will conduct a detailed threat and risk analysis.

Personal protection always means an intervention and restrictions in the personal freedom of the protected person. We always clarify in close consultation with the customer, whether the protection order is to be open or concealed. After a detailed risk analysis

  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Aim Definition
  • Creation of adequate defense concepts
  • Security talks with guardians
  • Determine the residual risk

we plan the further procedure. If necessary, the people in your area are sensitized to possible dangers. The active protection measures and safety precautions are constantly checked for their effectiveness and necessity and constantly updated.

Contact us for a free consultation and assessment where our Deescalation Masters can evaluate what an effective protection should look like.

Unsere Dienstleistungen für den Personenschutz

  • Personal protection for VIP
  • Personal protection for private customers
  • Personal protection for industry
  • Personal protection for artists

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