Everyone liked to play detective as a kid. Unfortunately, the need for detective services in the security industry is not child's play at all.

That's why you should only hire professionals for this kind of job. Although Sherlock Holmes often comes to mind, detectives are not a romantic anachronism but a daily necessity. Capable detectives are needed in many places in the world of business.

Whether it's tracking down competition violations and counterfeiting, checking personnel or detecting fraudulent sick leave, illegal employment or unauthorised secondary occupation: we hunt down the problem.

Even in the private sphere, detectives must work fast, reliably, discreetly and according to the given laws. For us, this means the use of highly qualified detectives for our clients, who gather prove with image, sound and video. In the private customer area, our main focus is the securing of evidence in the case of family, divorce and inheritance disputes. We use the latest technical equipment. In addition, we also protect you from being spied on by others. We reliably detect bugs and other listening devices and vigorously and uncompromisingly repel counter-observation measures.

What we do

The shop detective is the type of detective, we encounter the most often in everyday life is.

In department stores and retail stores, the store detective is the most effective way to successfully tackle theft. But the knowledge of the presence of covert detective deters many casual thieves in advance. The same applies to the doorman, which is clearly recognizable and can significantly improve the sense of security of customers and employees, especially in top locations.

Specially trained Deescalation professionals use their skills efficiently to avert harm to people, inventory and convenience stores. In addition, we offer the use of specialized personnel for test purchases (so-called mystery shopping) for quality assurance and verification of employee loyalty. Of course, everything is comprehensibly and painstakingly documented.

Our detective services include

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