In order to be able to give you serious advice for a security concept, we always conduct a safety analysis at the beginning.

This is similar to a doctor: the diagnosis comes before the therapy, because after all, you do not want to take any medicine on good luck. The same rules apply in the security industry.

What we do

The viable, ready-to-implement overall concept offers you a consistent safety analysis of your circumstances,

the specification of the protection goals to be achieved and the measures required for them, as well as individual planning and advice for the implementation of the concept. We guarantee the professional implementation by qualified and reliable personnel who specialize in the respective protective measures. We leave nothing to chance, because your safety is our mission.

Our services for an individual safety analysis

  • Non-binding initial consultation
  • Analysis of weaknesses and risks
  • Definition of measures:
    Immediate, Medium term, Long term
  • Development of a coordinated
    execution-ready concept

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