Safety for Schools

When it comes to security, there is hardly a more sensitive area than schools:

the legitimate demand for MORE security is opposed by the school's fundamental mission of promoting the development of students into self-determined personalities.

According to the competent data protection authorities the much-discussed topic of comprehensive video surveillance in schools disproportionately interferes with the privacy rights of those affected. Monitoring during school hours in classrooms, in hallways or in the schoolyard must therefore be avoided.

The often mentioned terms such as "high-security tract" or "quartering the students" are counterproductive and not effective. Our experience has shown that one of our Deescalation masters identifies often the most dangerous spots, and the safety of a school can be increased with simple measures.

What we do

Unfortunately, we have repeatedly found that even the simplest protection and security measures are not implemented in schools, such as

  • The development of binding house rules, which supports pre-planned action of the school administration, the teaching staff and other responsible persons.
  • Consistently adhering to specified closing times.
  • The identification of safety deficiencies in and around the school buildings.
  • Elimination of identified safety deficiencies and their regular evaluation.
  • Regular training on safety and de-escalation for the teaching staff.

The behavior of adolescents, as well as the dynamics arising in larger groups, are well known to us due to our work at major events such as "Love Family Park"; "Rock am Ring" or "AFRICA FESTIVAL". However, problems such as bullying, violence and vandalism are in most cases specific problems in a school and must be solved here as well, they are initially not an issue for an external security company.

Sicherheit für Ihre Schule? For safety for your school, our name says it all: Deescalation Serviceteam

Our offer for schools:

  • On-site security consulting: IS analysis
  • Building inspection
  • Creation of a catalog of measures
  • Deescalation training

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