Those who hear the term "Plant Security" often have the image of an old night watchman in mind, which turns his rounds with a flashlight in his hand.

But modern factory security has nothing to do with it. The goal of any modern factory protection concept is to avert hazards and damage that threatens the company and its employees. The sources of such dangers are manifold. The classic night-time burglary and associated vandalism or theft are one part of the problem. The sheer carelessness of employees, customers and visitors as well as industrial espionage and sabotage must also be taken care of. The more complex and extensive the enterprise structure, the higher the susceptibility to such threats.

Determine need

Of course, the need for professional factory protection depends individually on the company. A medium-sized company has different security requirements than an international corporation. That's why we do not offer standard solutions, but individual services that follow a professional security concept after the comprehensive security analysis. Analysis and implementation are carried out by our specially trained staff of the Deescalation Masters and his team. Regular internal audits for quality assurance lead to a continuous improvement of our services.

Staff and technology

In addition to competent security personnel, modern technology plays a central role in the implementation of state-of-the-art factory protection concepts. Surveillance is certainly the most effective means of ensuring efficient protection. In conjunction with a hazard detection system, the information obtained in this way is evaluated in real time by our service partner in an alarm centre and coordinated with the factory protection on site. The following applies: we adapt to your needs - if you only need support in certain areas, we are happy to adapt our concept to your wishes.

Our services for plant security

  • Access control
  • Vehicle access control
  • Checking and comparing of delivery notes and cargoes
  • Conducting inspections
  • Monitoring production processes and machines
  • Assumption of fire and environmental protection tasks
  • Intelligent drone monitoring of sensitive areas that are difficult to access
  • Professional documentation and reporting

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