The professional parking management for large parking lots of shopping centers, hotels or other places with high traffic demands careful planning and comprehensive care.

What we do

We offer a scalable complete solution for all sizes from POS service, leading incoming guests through parking lots, to control and patrol services to maintain safety.

Of course, we cooperate at all events with the relevant authorities such as the public order office or the police and on request we can also provide the necessary permits. Especially with temporary parking solutions technical means such as barks, tape, cash registers or lighting systems are not always available. Upon request we provide the complete technical equipment and guarantee professional parking management at all times.

The use of modern radios and the coordination of employees even on large, complex and confusing mission areas is a given. After all, the leisure time pleasure of your guests should not be marred by vehicle damage.

Our services for parking management

  • Creation of an approach and entry concepts
  • Parking surveillance
  • Cash in the parking lot
  • Cooperation with the responsible public order office
  • Instruction of rescue vehicles
  • Lighting systems for large areas
  • Parking security
  • Security technology, surveillance by cameras

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Our services in the field of Parking Lot Management:

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