Your presence at a trade fair is an important marketing event with the aim of promoting your goods and services as well as your brand.

What we do

Together, we work out a concept that is perfectly tailored to your company and we offer you all the necessary security services from a single source, from the time of installation to the end disassembling everything again.

We are the right contact for trade fair organizers and can handle any project scope. We can organize trade fair appearances for exhibitors and for their customers.

The scope of our service depends on the size of the trade fair and the requirements that you as the client place on us. To ensure the best performance for our customers, we cooperate with police and other authorities as needed.

The Deescalation trade fair specialists

Naturally, at trade fairs and trade shows, customer requirements for security and support personnel are extremely differentiated. As a representative of a brand or company, security personnel, hostesses and presenters must first and foremost conform to the customer's ideas. Eloquence and never-decreasing friendliness towards the public are, in addition to external criteria, definitely competitive characteristics of our "specialists". A complementary "all-round support" of your entire trade fair appearance will help to create a positive impression with your customers.

Our services in the field of trade fair service:

  • Exhibition Staff
  • Area patrol
  • Special services in the VIP area
  • Admission control
  • Personal assistance / personal protection
  • VIP service
  • Hostesses
  • Parking management

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