Valet parking is best known from American films.

Incoming customers and guests have their cars parked by the staff. Ideally, the vehicle is delivered directly in front of the hotel entrance, the event location or at other venues. The advantage for the customer: he does not have to worry about finding a parking space and knows that his car will always be safely parked. When leaving the building or the event, the vehicle is of course also driven directly back to the entrance so that the customer can get in and drive off immediately.

For this service to work smoothly, two things are crucial: reliability and professionalism. We ensure both with our perfectly organized valet parking service for events and hotels. However, unlike American movie hotels, we do not use teenagers but only highly qualified people. Of course, our staff is insured, so that the liability issue is always resolved. We recommend our all-round service especially for exclusive or larger events in places with difficult parking situation.

What we do

We make sure that when choosing the perfect location for your event, you never have to worry about the parking situation of your guests:

drive in, get out of the car, hand over the keys to our staff and plug in the code card - enjoy the event. We can also implement short-term solutions: for example, the parking situation at an exclusive hotel was extremely difficult due to the temporary closure of the rented parking garage.

Our valet parking service provided for the provision of spare parking spaces in a larger radius and organized the perfect transaction over several months. .

Our services for hotels

  • Inclusive service including parking fees and insurance
  • Personnel trained on all vehicle types
  • Central and secure key management
  • Shuttle service

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