»Was O.K. ...«, such a rating would be a great disappointment for one of our teams working for a top hotel!

All of them,

from the head manager to the front office to the room service, the bell boys and the technical staff! Everyone gives all and around the clock, so that the guest can always feel well looked after, relaxed and safe, and next time in this city, he wants to check in again into the same hotel!

A top team is in constant motion 24 hours a day. Since it would be quite strange, if the employees who are responsible for the safety of the guests and the house, would just be hanging around in some niche in front of screens and wait for something to happen. But not our Deescalation staff!

Efficient process

Our employees fully integrate themselves into the in-house service team, and they go into full care modus: always noticeable to the guest nearby, but never too obtrusive or annoying. We support the teams in many different tasks, not only in security-relevant processes, such as the transfer of cash and value items in the house or escort for VIP guests. Should there be a problem with aggressive guests, then we help with de-escalating intervention.

In periods of heightened attention (such as terrorism alerts), we can flexibly strengthen our presence "on demand". We take over at any time and can also provide technical assistance for the guest (regulate air conditioning, explain Internet and TV service, unlock locks again, etc.). We offer Service Master Services including classic valet parking with full insurance coverage.

What we do

Thanks to our many years of experience in large houses, we are able to run the entire business from the foyer to the roof, from the underground car park

to food storage. No matter how long our help is needed, we will get any extraordinary jobs done, and we will have all problems under control. Our organizational communication is transparent and our reporting and documentation is always up to date. Optionally, the service of our Deescalation staff can be requested after being instructed in the in-house night audit procedures. Our Deescalation employees are sociable, alert and communicative.

Our services for hotels

  • Event Security
  • Occupation of your reception (night-audit)
  • Monitoring of critical areas
  • Valet Parking
  • Testing of fire and accident prevention regulations
  • Inspections throughout the hotel

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