The conceptual consultation in the planning and implementation of events and happenings with the aim of optimizing all measures for the protection of guests is our strength.

From the structural measures on the site to the selection and training of a suitable safety and support staff, all components are designed holistically and tested for their technical and economic feasibility.

The Deescalation Team Members are the personal guardian angels of your guests,

so that the evening will not be spoiled by the organizational chaos. They always ensure a relaxed and secure process - not with muscles and evil eye, but with brains and charm. You can seek their assistance at any time, because thanks to modern communication technology they always know exactly what is going on. The de-escalation event specialists are trained and taught by top-class specialists from the security industry and rescue services.

Our event security employees are trained for the following positions:

  • Access control, card validation, review
  • Stages SV
  • Emergency exit
  • Parking coordination
  • Lost children

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