In times when everyone can have access to streaming services from home and virtually any kind of film is always available, every visit to the cinema gets a special magic again! Join in with a lot of family or friends with lots of wonderfully unreasonable snacks and drinks and enjoy the big screen - a modern social event of a special kind.

The fact that the large modern cinemas offer a lot of different forms of exuberant fun makes professional moderation by guest assistants trained in Deescalation necessary. The unbridled fun of one must not interfere with the other's nightlife experience!

It takes smart young security experts who do not need to wear a sheriff outfit to gain "respect," but stay relaxed and make sure that everything runs smoothly and prevent problems from escalating. If necessary, they also have the necessary competence to quickly guide unteachable "problem bears" back into nature.

What we do

Our Deescalation employees will not just stand around and wait for disaster to strike, but thanks to their many years of experience,

they can assist movie goers in a variety of functions, such as entrance control or admission. But also typical security tasks, such as locking services or protection of cash transfers are of course part of our versatile service offer, and we offer even more services.

In addition, a small mobile group of Deescalation specialists is very experienced in turning every screening room back into its original state. They can tidy up between screenings or overnight and are skilled in using special equipment and cleaning agents specially approved for cinemas. All the cinemas we take care of swear by this holistic solution.

Our services for cinema

  • Event Security and
    Locking Service
  • Accompanying your VIP guests
  • Testing of fire and
    accident prevention regulations
  • First aid and emergency management
  • Valet Parking
  • Performing general security tasks

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