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Stray Kids/​Lost Children

Where is my mom?
At big events, we take care of the safety of our little guests.

The safety of children is a top priority. Also at big events! When parents attend a major event with their children, attention can quickly fade. At the same time, events offer curious children and bright children interesting things to discover around the corner. Sometimes it is only a matter of time before you lose sight of your child.
At the entrances we distribute special "Stray Kids" ID bracelets for children, which are labelled with a waterproof pen. Parents can give their contact details there: For example, provide the mobile phone number. The "Stray Kids" bracelet will not leave you and your child in a panic. Tell your child about the purpose and use of the bracelet. Each bracelet is accompanied by a short illustrated "leaflet".

Our promise

The bracelets are a service of De-escalation Service Team GmbH - for this service we do not charge our customers a single cent. We use our "Stray Kids" bracelets at amusement parks, festivals, stadium visits and events.

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