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Our service portfolio is modular. All modules, which we use flexibly, individually or together, make it possible to optimally master the tasks assigned to us. With the entirety of the modules, we take over the complete handling of your project if necessary and can react quickly and adequately to unexpected challenges during the implementation. Which modules are suitable for my project?bbb

Choose your industry or project.

We show you the matching modules.

Nothing bothers you more than false alarms - because at some point you do not take them seriously anymore.

In times when everyone can have access to streaming services from home and virtually any kind of film is always available, every visit to the cinema gets a special magic again!

Ensuring the safety of construction sites is a particular challenge aspect of property protection.

Everyone liked to play detective as a kid. Unfortunately, the need for detective services in the security industry is not child's play at all.

However, the efficient use of drone systems within the framework of the legal conditions places special demands on the executing company ...

The conceptual consultation in the planning and implementation of events and happenings with the aim of optimizing all measures for the protection of guests is our strength.

Your presence at a trade fair is an important marketing event with the aim of promoting your goods and services as well as your brand.

Hardly anything is as devastating as fire. Whether at work or at home - every year fire alarm systems save lives.

»Was O.K. ...«, such a rating would be a great disappointment for one of our teams working for a top hotel!

An intelligent alarm technology is a basic requirement for reliable protection of land, soil and inventory.

Whether natural swimming lake, swimming pool, or indoor pool: we offer you the perfect water supervision for your bathing operation.

The professional parking management for large parking lots of shopping centers, hotels or other places with high traffic demands careful planning and comprehensive care.

Because of one’s occupation, private activity, social position or denomination special danger potentials can result for a protected person. All possible dangers must be analysed, evaluated and warded off.

Those who hear the term "Plant Security" often have the image of an old night watchman in mind, which turns his rounds with a flashlight in his hand.

Modern companies no longer need a comprehensive infrastructure of their own.

The public sector is increasingly working with professional private security companies. We also offer these services and can cover the full range of common requirements.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!

Not in my territory! says the sheriff, meaning that even his presence is a deterrent.

When it comes to security, there is hardly a more sensitive area than schools!

A successful and up-​to-​date security services must be able to rely on professional technical support!

In order to be able to give you serious advice for a security concept, we always conduct a safety analysis at the beginning.

Burglaries at any time of the day or night have long since become commonplace, often irrespective of where you live. Victims can be everywhere, not just in social hotspots.

At big events, we take care of the safety of our little guests!

We protect your values! The transport of security-​related assets or business-​critical data requires professional planning and implementation.

For this service to work smoothly, two things are crucial: reliability and professionalism.

Modern digital cameras have not only made the video surveillance much cheaper, but also significantly improved the quality of the recordings.