Plant Security

Those who hear the term "Plant Security" often have the image of an old night watchman in mind, which turns his rounds with a flashlight in his hand.


Whether natural swimming lake, swimming pool, or indoor pool: we offer you the perfect water supervision for your bathing operation.

Video Surveillance

Modern digital cameras have not only made the video surveillance much cheaper, but also significantly improved the quality of the recordings.

Valet Parking

For this service to work smoothly, two things are crucial: reliability and professionalism.

Transport Security/​Courier Services

We protect your values! The transport of security-​related assets or business-​critical data requires professional planning and implementation.

Stray Kids/​Lost Children

At big events, we take care of the safety of our little guests!

Parking Lot Management

The professional parking management for large parking lots of shopping centers, hotels or other places with high traffic demands careful planning and comprehensive care.

Personal and Escort Protection

Because of one’s occupation, private activity, social position or denomination special danger potentials can result for a protected person. All possible dangers must be analysed, evaluated and warded off.

Post and Telephone Services

Modern companies no longer need a comprehensive infrastructure of their own.

Revier Security Guard

Not in my territory! says the sheriff, meaning that even his presence is a deterrent.