The first impression counts. When you're convinced that you are a good fit for our Deescalation team, we would like you to impress us from the very first moment of contact.

The first telephone conversation will already give us a first impression of you, and already gives us an indication whether we are convinced of your suitability to become a team member.

You have two options to get in touch with us:

Just give us a call

Please take a deep breath briefly relax and select the appropriate direct-dial for the recruiting department: 06196 654 98 61. Ask for Mr. Bruno.

Make your appointment

We can talk to each other on the phone, but we cannot see each other. But we want to get to know you, now, right now.

Get in the calendar and tell us when you'll come by - that's all! THIS IS YOUR DATE. Everything else will be discussed face to face.

We are always looking forward to meeting new Deescalation Team Members!